Google Assistant Comes to Android Auto

Because smartphone interfaces are often more familiar and easier to use than those built into cars, we find ourselves asking how we ever lived without Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Maybe we’ll soon ask ourselves how we ever lived without Google Assistant in our cars, too.

Although Android Auto previously supported voice commands, the full capabilities of Google Assistant will be added to the mix. Google will roll out Assistant to Android Auto this week in the U.S.

Drivers can use voice commands to activate Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, Google Play Music, WhatsApp, or other features you’d use on your smartphone when not driving. In the near future, drivers will be able to reserve a parking spot with SpotHero or order a drink from Starbucks on the road.

Right now, drivers are expected to pair their phones to their cars to activate Assistant, but that might not be the case forever. Google is working with automakers on integrating the feature directly into cars without the need for a phone.

Nowadays, even the most basic vehicles on the market offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Android Auto is available from more than 40 car brands and 400 different models with more on the way.

BMW, Hyundai, and Mercedes-Benz offer a feature that allows drivers to use Google Assistant on their phones to remotely lock the doors, adjust the climate, and control other functions on their vehicles. This capability will soon become available on vehicles from Kia and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

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July 25, 2019 at 3:26 am

By non-stop reminding us of its political stance

Sadaf Ahsan: In its relentless effort to take care of the times, Will Grace feels actually datedAfter being off the air for 11 years, Will Grace returned on Thursday night with, rebooted ninth season, Featuring the actual cast and creators (brian Kohan and Max Mutchnick), A new writing team and, Perhaps most in plain english, A whole new world around them.

In the age of reboots and remakes, Will Grace moldovan girlfriend is the latest to return after being off the air for some time to have missed a torrent of iconic political and pop culture moments. additionally, comparable to Gilmore Girls before it, This is a series that happens to be chock full of references, with its countless celebrity cameos from Jennifer Lopez to Cher. Both group, In their genuine runs, Also shared a knack for biting comments. with, like the rebooted Gilmore Girls last year, Will Grace has returned feeling like an adult in mid life anxiously clinging to their youth and trying to fit right back in again as if they never left.

By tripling down on the references in order to play catch up, The series premiere felt slightly too eager. This was an exceptionally disappointing turn for a show like Will Grace, Which always seemed to naturally and merely zero in on the zeitgeist.

from the moment the Season 9 premiere opens and the beats of the theme start up, We transported right back to nyc as lived by Will, style, Karen and jack (And as played by the older but just as charming Eric McCormack, Debra messing, Megan Mullally furthermore Sean Hayes). Just like every other reboot before it during the last two years, It an in no time nostalgic throwback. We open on the group understanding Head Up, A lazy but quick way of allowing the show to breeze through several key pop culture events and personalities of recent years.

Kate Micucci as internet page, Megan Mullally as Karen jogger, Eric McCormack as shall Truman, Debra playing as Grace Adler.

After then quickly explaining away the particular series finale in which Will and Grace got married, Had children that belongs to them, Spent years feuding gradually attended their own children wedding after reuniting by revealing it was mostly just a dream Karen had, We learn the pair are both single and living together additional.

simply, Thanks to Karen acquaintance with First Lady Melania Trump, grace, Still an inside designer, Gets offered a job to redesign the Oval Office. She decides to hold the job, Just as Will decides to go out with a Republican congressman despite their difference of political opinions.

It all makes for some fun White House hijinks, But also an overload of Trumpian evidences: From directly addressing their distaste for modern president to using a name as an epithet (lover. Conway! oregon Post counted a total 10 Trump quips in the show 21 minute span, And that not including the countless celebrity references squeezed into you’ll find other line of dialogue or visual gesture (Karen kneels on an Oval Office couch like Conway once honestly did). By show end, We heard their applying for grants not only Trump, But many online dating to news and the eternal Ryan Reynolds vs. Ryan Gosling discussion.

At some point, Again like an out of touch adult hunting to fit in, elegance says to Will, were woke, Now I use my pussy hat to sneak candy into the flicks. droped straight, as expected, Encourages her to your officials, To which she says why can she just something low effort and high impact.

Just a less would have gone a long way, Not that Will Grace hasn been a bit loud. In its previous incarnation, regardless, The show excelled with its use of subtle but habitual cultural commentary, combined with a uniquely sarcastic flavour of comedy.

This is a sitcom that was the first to feature a prominent gay cast on television, Making an announcement while also being as relatable and popular as, tell you, Modern folks are today. Perhaps this remiss not to make a political statement now, When no commentary on the Trump presidency is regarded as complicity. And additional, It just wouldn be very Will Grace to say nothing at all. fit, How much is extremely?

the particular homo, Weak on the sexual Will Grace was made for straight people, Make the reboot for gay peopleCast of Will Grace reunite for video in support of Hillary Clinton in characterThere a moment when Grace compares curtain swatches to a bag of Cheetos while in the Oval Office, Where she also finds only a Russian English dictionary and a fidget spinner on Trump desk; And another administration principles West Wing tour guide informs Will that the best Oval Office you ever see. It huge. It as if every exchange of dialogue is salted and peppered with a Trump joke for the sole purpose of reminding us of the show political stance.

The episode closes on the one lasting touch Grace leaves behind in the Oval: A America Gay Again cap in your resting state on Trump desk chair, Making for an expected but relatively subtle touch in a normally very loud episode.

In its relentless effort to take care of the times, Will Grace feels put on dated. i feel the show has something to say. i want to hear it and, Based on viewer reactions the night time of the premiere, more efficiently fans. But isn there a way to share with you that message without beating viewers over the head with it.

August 3, 2019 at 9:43 am

Locally grown app mines association capital

If there’s one social situation Washingtonians have an understanding of, ensure that it is networking. So it’s no shocker that a mobile dating app with headquarters in the District treats matchmaking as the ultimate networking event. Hinge makes “Real internet connections” By using members’ Facebook friends as own Cupids.

“It’s difficult to find good people. very difficult, Said co director Justin McLeod. “Hinge is a nice balance between ease of use and finding real connections without being weird or creepy,

Hinge started as a dating Web site in 2012 but converted to mobile only and relaunched this year. the actual biggest set of Washington area users are in their late 20s and early 30s. “for a starter, We hot russian mom were targeting a younger market, People right out of faculty, But found that our users were older, McLeod had to talk about.

Hinge which is aiming for daters in Washington, new york, Boston and Philadelphia for the present time culls each user’s name, mature, the last photos and “wants” From Facebook to naturally create a profile on the app. A series of recent upgrades gives users a choice of adding height, religion and “individuality tags, These tags descriptors that users select from a list together with “Zombie Survivalist, “Conflicted Omnivore” and therefore “Lawn Game winner” Allow some wit to show without too much pressure to use your imagination.

via that data, Hinge starts users with a set of five to seven possibility matches every day at noon. They respond by rating each with a “centre” while well as an “x, When two users give some other hearts, They get an the intro an exchange of data that reveals both users’ jobs, Suggests things they support in common, And offers recommendations for local restaurants and activities curated by Hinge employees.

In a survey of arizona and New York users, 54percent said they’ve already “Found someone you care about” the actual app.

among those is Jayne, A doctoral student at George Washington University who wished to provide only her first name when discussing online dating services. She said she is dating a man she met on the app and takes herself “A cheerleader for Hinge,

“I have confidence in dating as meeting friends of friends. Hinge is permitting you to do that without being in the same city as the one setting you up, Jayne discussed.

Hinge runs on a “Sort of friends word of mouth system, A select amount individuals who per day, She said, A system she likes “So you may not just sit and troll for men,

to deliver the app’s defining elements, Hinge’s small staff pooled their collective online and real life dating experience. “exactly what we call eating your own dog food, believed John Kleint, Data researchers and “chief matchmaker, He’s been on five Hinge dates in the six months he’s worked for corporation: “It spurs me to much better matches” for some individuals, he was quoted saying.

The number of daily potential matches delivered to a profile is limited in order that users have enough friends of friends to keep the process going for six to eight months. As the app may be, It learns what people are more inclined to appeal to certain users; And if users invite more guests to Hinge, The site can expand the field to people beyond a unique friend group. “a lot more you play, the higher the matches, Kleint documented. “It finds people similar to those you’ve liked prior to now, But a certain portion are variety matches people that you wouldn’t like on your own,

If the app successful, Joked lead industrial engineer AJ Bonhomme, essentially matched users won’t need it anymore. “The goal is to shoot inside ourselves the foot, he was quoted saying, “and ask people dating.

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